You have a project idea, Balsam Design designs it either with you OR designs it for you (by your request and with your approval), and then we build it.  It begins with you, continues with you in mind, and ends with what you envisioned.

So, let’s bring your ideas to life.  Whether you know exactly what you want or have the rudimentary beginnings of a project idea, we want to be a part of the creative process that makes your space exactly what you want, all while keeping your style, budget, time frame, and preferred materials in mind.


Does your kitchen, bathroom, or living space need an update?  Have you considered what a difference new trim, custom built-ins, or new flooring might make for a living space?  We want to make your old vinyl flooring disappear just as much as you do.  For ideas on how to freshen up your space, send us an email at; you can even include a picture of your space to get the ideas going.


Each type of wood has its own personality, and we keep that at the forefront of our minds when planning and constructing your pieces.  How the piece is constructed, the type of finish that fits your style-all of it matters in order to deliver lifelong, highest quality products to your home.  We want these pieces to last from generation to generation and your great-great grandkids to enjoy the fine craftsmanship in their own homes 100+ years from now.  We work closely with local lumber businesses as we hand-select the material for your specific project.

A few project ideas might include:  Mantels, built-ins, counter tops, coffee tables, side tables, dining room tables, all kinds of tables!, benches, cabinets, shelves, and whatever else you’d like.