About Us

The roots of Balsam Design began when I was a boy building alongside my father on our farm. Creating and building continued to be a theme that followed me as I finished college and married my beautiful wife.  As I began making furniture with my wife, woodworking became an increasing joy to me.  We started designing furniture for our home as well as helping friends with their own home projects. Whether it was barnwood furniture, a fully remodeled kitchen, or custom maple counter tops, we found ourselves exploring the possibility of making this dream our profession.  In this process was an art form that brought ideas to life and developed beautiful relationships between our clients, our created pieces, and my wife and I.  The relationships formed during this process are very important to us because we value and are very thankful for the community in which we live.  Now, we are pleased to say that after years of weekend projects, our dreams of owning a full-service wood shop have finally become a reality.  It would be our joy to come alongside you as a client, listen to the things you love, and create something that is beyond your expectation.